Why are we so much more successful at locating patients and turning them into willing payers? We have two big advantages working for us, and for you: our first-party status and our unique debt recovery skills.
As first-party debt recovery specialists, we have expanded search capabilities. And once we locate the patient, we use more positive, effective engagement techniques that recover more debt. Our unique tactics make a difference every day in the results we deliver.

We find more patients.

Effective debt recovery begins with locating patient—our first mission. We take full advantage of our first-party status as well as our unique investigative skills to locate more patients.

  • First-party searching power – Our first-party status gives us greater flexibility to conduct more robust skip-tracing; search in all 50 states, conduct asset location research, and a good deal more.
  • Investigative know-how  – To seek even deeper, we make the most of our investigative skills and expertise. We are persistent, thorough, creative and nimble in following up promising directions.
  • Tailored searches  – We tailor our tools and skills on a case-by-case basis, knowing that every search effort has unique challenges. In contrast, third-party collectors use an automated, cookie-cutter approach that leaves more debt untapped.

We turn more patients into willing payers.

Not only do we find more patients, we persuade more of them to pay their past-due debt. Most know they need to pay for services received. But for one reason or another—perceived service quality, bills or insurance issues they can’t understand, temporary personal issues—they haven’t.

Drawing on best practices in human motivation, we use positive, proven engagement techniques that turn more patients into willing payers.

  • Avoiding the negative – We steer around initial rejection and non-response. We don’t intimidate with credit agency reporting or wage garnishment, since such threats trigger defensive behavior.
  • Getting to yes – We keep the patient on the phone by conveying that they’re not yet in collection. We practice adult-to-adult conversation, invite non-payment explanation, settle misunderstandings, clarify bills and benefits, and help patients understand why it is in their best interests to pay.
  • Creating willing payers—and future business patients grasp that we make it possible for them to rebuild their integrity and self-esteem. The opportunity to save face can turn them into return customers and productive referral sources.

We’re good for business.

The benefits of our debt recovery techniques don’t end with payment. In addition to new profits, better cash flow and protected reputation, you’ll find that we enhance your practice in other ways.

  • Shift the focus – We transform the debt recovery dynamic from “punish” to “profit”—a welcome, refreshing change for you, your office and your patients.
  • Expand your patient intelligence – We provide more robust personal information files, including updated demographic data from our investigation.
We began working with DB Debt Recovery on the recommendation of our accountant and I couldn’t be happier. I have had bad experiences with collection agencies being so aggressive, yet lacking results. I trust DB to treat our patients fairly and have done an excellent job at recovery on past due accounts. The communication between our practice and DB is unlike most of my other vendors.
Lisa D - Practice Manager
Modern Dermatology