Every medical and dental practice needs to protect its good name. Some CPAs even recommend writing off bad debt rather than risking the reputation damage that comes from harsh third-party collection methods over which you have no control.
But you don’t have to risk your reputation to recover debt. Our respectful, common-sense approach not only recovers more debt; it also protects and even strengthens your reputation.

Look better than ever.

You can count on us to uphold your professional standards throughout our debt recovery activities.

  • POSITIVE IMPRESSIONS PAY When we engage with debtors, our methods ensure that we leave the most favorable impression to protect and enhance your reputation. Our approach is a dramatic contrast to high-pressure, punitive third-party collection methods that can irreparably damage the client’s reputation.
  • PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS SET THE TONE We are intimately familiar with the professional standards of medical/dental practices. Our methods honor those standards and protect your reputation throughout the debt recovery process.
  • Generate more business In addition to protecting your reputation, our approach to debt recovery encourages more return customers and keeps your pool of prospective customers as large as possible.
  • BUSINESS THRIVES ON RESPECT It’s amazing what can happen when people are treated with respect. Debtors who are treated fairly and as adults are much more likely to return and to refer friends and family. Our respectful approach leads to more business.


It’s estimated that 75 percent of the value of the average business is its reputation. Maintaining a strong, positive reputation equals greater profits. It’s essential to retaining current customers, attracting new ones, and encouraging the referrals that expand your practice.

My experience working with DB Debt Recovery is second to none. They have proven to be a great collaborative business partner. Keeping good will with our patients is very important, so the doctor appreciates knowing his brand reputation is being protected throughout the collection process. I highly recommend them!
M. Williamson - Office Mgr
Dr. Chris Mueller - Exquisite Dental