If you’d like a respectful, efficient way to recover more of your debt and protect your reputation and referrals in the process, we are just a phone call away.
There’s nothing to lose. And large number of medical and dental practices have discovered, there’s much to be gained.  Today, we work with hundreds of providers throughout the U.S. assisting them with their debt recovery needs.  Our methods were designed for the healthcare/dentalcare sector, where we work exclusively.
We invite you to experience The DB Difference.  We are here for you, your team, and the health of your practice.

DB Debt Recovery

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Better Debt Recovery for the Life of Your Business

It’s always the right time to recover more past-due debt. And it’s especially important at major milestones in the life of your business. We can help in special circumstances, including:

When you close or sell your business.


Why accept pennies on the dollar for your A/R. We helped a retiring physician more than double the amount he would have received from third-party collections.

When you seek financing.


Having a healthy balance sheet is important. If you’re seeking financing to grow, we can help you move old debt off your books and into your revenue stream.

When your business is merging with another.


Dealing with past-due debt before you enter into negotiations will help put your best foot forward.

When past-due debt is getting old.


When debt gets old, businesses tend to give up on recovering it. But we don’t—and our fees don’t get higher as debt gets older, the way third-party collection fees do.

Since 2016, DB Debt Recovery has maintained a high success recovery rate without alienating our patients. DB is exceptional, their recovery rate is so much higher that any collection agency we tried in the past. I happily endorse DB Debt Recovery.
Leslie N. - Office Manager
Salmon Creek Family Dental