Running a Medical or Dental Practice is rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Few of us can be experts in everything it takes to succeed. And it seldom makes sense to try and retain all that expertise in-house.
That’s where we come in. By serving as your expert partner in debt recovery and doing what we do best, we free you to focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Choose the right fit for your practice.

We grasp the issues and intricacies of your business. We understand the responsibilities and concerns of your A/R personnel because we’ve walked in their shoes. Our firsthand experience makes it easy for us to hit the ground running, support your internal resources and get results quickly and efficiently.

  • RESPECTING YOUR CULTURE – Clients find us easy to work with, and in-house A/R personnel feel comfortable that our interactions with patients will always be appropriate.
  • SUPPORTING IN-HOUSE A/R – In-house A/R teams achieve greater debt recovery results when we pick up where they leave off, because we function as a dedicated, highly skilled second line of first-party offense. Yet they always remain free to participate if and how they desire.
  • EARNING TRUST – We work to earn the trust essential to our client and patient relationships. We do what we say we will do, act in your best interests, and model professional behavior.
  • PUTTING YOUR INTERESTS FIRST – You can count on us to look out for your needs and interests throughout the realm of debt recovery.

Choose an easier, more efficient way.

Count on us for open communication tailored to your needs. We serve as a dedicated ally and advocate for your practice, so you never feel on your own with regard to debt recovery.

  • ANTICIPATING YOUR NEEDS – We are proactive about checking in with you on a regular basis, and we provide updates and reports as new information becomes available.
  • SPEAKING YOUR LANGUAGE – We engage in constructive two-way dialogue. We also speak our clients’ professional language, which facilitates clear communications.
We signed up with DB Debt Recovery in March 2013 and our experience working with them has been second to none. They have set a new standard in the healthcare sector when it comes to debt recovery. We truly appreciate that DB continues to recover a large percentage of our past due accounts while maintaining a professional relationship between our office and patients.
Elena D - Billing Manager
Hearing Healthcare Center, Inc